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Greetings as we head into the pool and spa season.  The HOA board would like for all to understand the homeowner pool key can be used to activate the spa jetsThe key is used to turn on and off the spa.

Next to the homeowner key activation is the “emergency spa shut off switch“.  This switch is “only” to be used in an “emergency.”  By using it, it immediately shuts down the spa functions and will have to be reprogrammed to be restored.  The board is noting spa guests are turning off the “emergency switch”. Turning the switch off impacts the spa functions and the enjoyment for others.

Thanks for your consideration and enjoy the spa and pool area. –  The HOA board.


Current Board Members

Larry Thomas, President
Tyler Fewins, Vice President
Bill Hoy, Treasurer
Kristin Carey, Secretary
Cecile Rosenberger, Member at Large

Architectural Committee

Larry Thomas, Chair
Tyler Fewins
Sanjay Shirke

Landscape/ Maintenance/ Pool

Tyler Fewins, Chair
Kristin Carey

Rules Committee

Bill Hoy, Chair

Social Committee

Kristin Carey, Chair
Deborah Spang

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